Wonderful Carpet Shampooer Reviews In 2018

In general consumer evaluations for the 1535 are a little disappointing however, the vacuum is very affordable. We look forward to meeting with you and working together to specify how we can best serve you. Avg. Wes was on time, effective and informative. Consumer evaluation = 86/100. He’s the best tech who has serviced our carpets through recent years.

It’s designed for carpet and bare floors and many owners are delighted with the suction ability. MELISSA P. – DALLAS, TX. The dust canister is easy to empty and also has a feature to push dust/debris out. Tracy did an superb job. It’s a decent run time of approximately 30 minutes on a charge. Thanks for the prompt and effective service.

It’s not good on heavy pile carpet however and it doesn’t come with a HEPA filter. Technician was very friendly and knowledgeable. Additionally, the Air Ram is streamlined and it could be better suited for a little house, dormitory or apartment. Very good customer service!

Really looked like he cared for my house and wished to help solve my carpet issue. Avg. He took his time, etc.. Consumer evaluation = 87/100. There were several rust stains from seats in my dining room and stains in my puppy! He took the time to visit the truck and get something unique to assure it came out.

As the name suggests it is designed for families with pets and while it can also be used on bare floors, it excels in removing pet hair from carpeting. Quite good — Very thorough. Specialized features include an effective tangle-free brushroll, a system which divides hair from debris that helps when draining the dust , a Febreze filter for eliminating pet odor, along with a sealed filtration method. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

These all work fairly well and result in a good pet vacuum, nevertheless this machine is rather heavy and the hose & wand assembly is a little short. Kind of makes me adore my dogs a bit more now because he managed to really wash an issue area I had:-RRB- LOL Thank you!! Avg. Dan T. – Richardson, TX. Consumer evaluation = Wonderful Carpet Shampooer Reviews http://cleanthiscarpet.com 89/100. Impressed with this service.

The Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum is designed for families with pets. We will call you! It comes with several tools one of which will be a motorized brush tool which excels in pulling up pet hair from carpeting and upholstery. Rick M. – Dallas, TX. The vacuum isn’t too loud and can be also rather lightweight.

Great work as always. But it will n`t come with a rack and it requires approximately five hours to fully charge the battery when it’s out of juice. I know I can depend on Cleaning Kings to do a terrific job of cleaning the carpets with frenziedly, professional staff that I feel safe having in our home. Avg. I urge your company to all my friends. Consumer evaluation = 81/100.

Very pleased — carpet like new . The Bissell Symphony Pet Vacuum and Steam Mop (model 1543A) is popular and getting great ratings from owners. Thank you. You can really vacuum and mop at precisely the same time with this machine. My tech, Tracy, was fantastic and got up stains that your competitor told me would no longer come up.

It’s a great selection for families with pets and excels at picking up pet hair and eliminating paw prints. Bravo. It doesnt require any detergent or chemicals and cleanup is fairly straightforward. Gene G. – Richardson, TX. Vacuum suction isn’t spectacular however and it doesnt mop tight into corners. I was VERY satisfied with the job Wes did.

Avg. I was not pleased with all the people I used to use.